What Is an Egirl on TikTok?


Since its debut, TikTok has confirmed itself a bustling on-line social media platform for the popularization of memes and teenage subcultures —VSCO ladies incorporated. Simultaneous to upward push of VSCO ladies is that of a characteristically darker, broodier, and extra ironic web trope: egirls. That mentioned, what’s an egirl on TikTok?

what is an egirl on tiktokwhat is an egirl on tiktok
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“Egirl” is a shortened model of “digital lady,” similar to how e-mail is brief for electronic message. While prior to now the usage of the time period egirl was once only derogatory in nature, now the time period’s connotation varies from literal to comedic to infrequently even complimentary. On TikTok egirl is a label for classy, anime-watching, gaming-obsessed teenagers and younger ladies who take to the web to precise themselves.


From its misogynistic origins, the time period egirl has come some distance. A 2013 City Dictionary definition of the phrase disparaged egirls as younger, feminine avid gamers who search the eye {of professional} male avid gamers via promiscuous on-line habits, reminiscent of sending nude footage. However those sexist overtones have performed little to no central position within the contemporary TikTok egirl resurgence.

However on platforms as opposed to TikTok, egirls stay an object of hate. When Bianca Devins, 17, was once brutally murdered by way of a person she met on gaming chat website Discord, media protection and people on-line instructed her egirl standing was once responsible. Many ignored to name consideration to her assassin’s hectic previous and his obsessive dispositions.

Egirl Taste

Whilst the time period egirl could also be tricky to officially outline, recognizing egirls of their part certainly isn’t as laborious. Like that of VSCO ladies, egirl taste is distinct, but in addition extraordinarily eclectic. In line with Vox, egirl type loosely pulls from 90s type, at the side of “skate tradition, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, BDSM, and goth” types.

what is an egirl on tiktokwhat is an egirl on tiktok
Photograph: Instagram

The signature egirl outfit: a corpulent pair of Document Martens jutting out beneath some loose-legged, high-waisted denims. In most cases, they’re supported by way of a large, studded belt, with a tucked-in graphic tee layered atop a long-sleeved, striped blouse. The glance, alternatively, isn’t whole with out chains, a pastel head of hair, heavy-winged eyeliner, and an way over shiny pink blush streaked around the nostril and cheeks. Diversifications in this theme stay egirls’ taste recent.

Like numerous fashionistas on-line, many egirls also are social media influencers.

On-line, Now not Off

Whilst egirls are everywhere social media, it’s laborious to identify one in actual lifestyles. This isn’t as a result of all of them jointly refuse to head outdoor. Moderately, it’s not likely you’ll in finding an egirl decked out in standard egirl garb in puts as opposed to the web since the egirl phenomenon is a subculture contained on-line.

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