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Becky Lynch

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The 2020 version of the WWE Royal Rumble is definitely underway now people! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer right here to provide the are living protection of the display because it happens! Large time fit right here as Becky Lynch defends the WWE Uncooked Ladies’s Championship towards Asuka! 

WWE Uncooked Ladies’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka

Becky hooks her in a entrance facelock, Asuka fights out of it. Shoot offs and headlocks kept away from, dropkick from Becky takes her to the ground! Baseball slide however the challenger blocks this, turns her round, kick to the arm! Asuka needs the hip assault however Becky avoids it, Dis-harm-her within the ropes however has to wreck it at 5! Missile dropkick off the highest, quilt for a nearfall! Asuka onto the apron, avoids a shoulder thrust, Spinning Neckbreaker around the ropes! Takes her into the hoop, Becky fights again, whip takes Asuka to the nook however she leaps to the second one rope, wonder flying dropkick for a nearfall!

Challenger chokes Becky within the most sensible rope, commute, Shining Wizard for a nearfall! Whip to the nook, Becky with the elbow up on a rate, boot up, forearm to the face. Asuka rushes again, rate for a Hip Assault however Becky kicks her out of the air! Bulldog! Basement Dropkick for a nearfall! Forearm sends her into the nook. Again frame drop takes Becky to the apron, she will get her with a kick to the chest regardless that. Pulls Asuka to the apron, needs a Bexploder! Asuka preventing again, needs a German as a substitute! Becky preventing with the whole thing she has…


Becky with a Missile Dropkick off the apron! Bexploder proper into the barricade! Throws her into the hoop. 2nd rope legdrop for a nearfall! Uppercuts, Asuka reverses one right into a backslide for two, roundhouse kick ducked, pop-up knee carry to the face of Becky! Asuka needs a German, Becky fights out of it however will get a large aggregate of moves! Becky catches her regardless that, hooks for a suplex however it’s reversed, Fisherwoman’s Spinebuster for a nearfall! Battle to the apron… Asuka fees, hip assault takes Becky into the publish! Asuka yells in Eastern. Challenger takes Becky to the ground rope, Becky escapes, springing kick to the pinnacle! Asuka susceptible at the heart rope, Becky is going up there too… hooks her, SUPER URANAGE FOR A NEARFALL!

Becky off the highest, Asuka clips her with a Codebreaker, quilt however Becky transitions into an tried Dis-harm-her, Asuka turns it into the Asukalock!! Becky slightly grabs the rope to wreck the dangle. German Suplex sends Becky flying! Kawada Kicks! Final one’s a median one! Becky was once laid in the market, referee needs to name for the bell however Becky grabs him to prevent her! In go back, Asuka with a number of extra depraved kicks, roundhouse to the pinnacle, quilt for a nearfall! I like how that performed into the tale there, referee making an attempt to give protection to her! Asukalock try, Becky rolls via, Dis-harm-her… Asuka preventing it, reversed right into a roll-up, kick-out, Roundhouse Kick ducked, Becky making an attempt for it once more! Has to show it right into a Opposite DDT Neckbreaker! Status 10 depend now!

They try to their toes… trade of forearms! Spinning backfist slightly ducked, Asuka throws Becky into the reliable! Tries for the spit of the mist however a spinning again kick to the intestine forces her to spit it harmlessly into the air! DIS-HARM-HER LOCKED IN! ASUKA HAS TO SUBMIT!

Winner: Becky Lynch

That rocked! And afterwards we see how Asuka’s mist ended up proper in her personal face!

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